Friday, April 22, 2011

gapo? aaaron kwok nok nikoh doh? hok oloh:(

aaron kwok finally getting married?

is one of hong kong's most noted bachelors getting ready to settle down?

that's the rumour circling the hong kong entertainment scene after aaron kwok met with his model-actress girlfriend lynn hung's mother. lynn's brother even revealed to the press that his mother would be meeting his "future brother-in-law".

but when lynn's mother was questioned, she said she didn't know her daughter had a boyfriend (yeah, right!).

lynn herself recently said she doesn't know if she'll be getting married and if she had tied the knot, she wouldn't let the media know.

and what does aaron kwok have to say? the singer claims he doesn't have enough savings to get married.

these crazy celebrities need to get their stories straight.

sumber: msn

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  1. perghhh..tajuk entri ckp klantanese...
    entri ckp omputeh...

  2. ahahahaahahah mek from sepanyol;p